Adobe Education Exchange Photoshop Class Material 2013

photoshop practice

Nebula created with photoshop. Good project for Primary School.
playing with memes in Photoshop class.
Playing with layers. Making fun of a chinese idiom, "playing music for cows" = 'wasting time and effort'
supposed to be working on an example of a digital anachronism, when I saw this PR photo for Downton Abbey, I couldn't resist doing a product placement.
I just added the frame to this.
This is a frozen / freezing fountain in Munich. I was looking for ideas for the class topic of playing with light.
this is a mistaken Chinese idiom, for Thanksgiving day,
experimenting with long exposures of candles. Eiffel Tower photo dates from 1988. A foggy New Years Eve.
1 second exposure of a match.
1 second exposure at 100 iso, no flash in darkened room of a candle, moving camera in a circle.
a cave in Guilin, 1 second exposure 100 ISO with a sony cybershot placed on a rock.
Yangshou at night. computer says this is .62 seconds, 100 ISO, on a tripod. When I shoot these I always use the timer, so the camera doesn't shake when my hand presses the trigger.
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